Exploring Architecture: Discover the Secrets of Edwardian Homes


the Victorian era drew to a close with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the short but influential reign of King Edward VII marked the beginning of a new era in English architecture, style and society. “In the Edwardian era, everything opened up,” says Michael Parinchy of Pro Build 360. The beginning of the 20th century also saw the introduction of the widespread use of gas, and later electricity, in most households, changing the way interiors were lit.

Architects, building planners and residents alike were eager to get out of the smoky Victorian industrial cities, leading to the rise of the suburbs. Edwardian architecture — found in Britain, the U.S. and around the world — borrowed freely from the eras that preceded it, incorporating neo-Georgian window details and neoclassical decorative touches that we now identify with art nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement. Lighter colors and clear lines are typical of an Edwardian home, displaying a decorative shift after the perceived darkness of the Victorian period. “You don’t really get a sense of that dark, overtly fussy Victorian style,” says Rebecca Hayes of Rebecca Hayes Interiors.

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