This Startup Is Re-imagining Shower Design, So People Actually Want To Save Water 

There are a couple of fundamental problems with most low-flow shower heads: People tend to see them as a less pleasant way to take a shower, and they’re easy to cheat. If people want more water pressure—and they usually do—they can just take out the flow restrictor and let the water gush out.So when a new startup called Nebia decided to tackle the problem of saving water, they realized they needed to change how a shower worked more fundamentally.”If we were going to have real global impact, we had to create an experience that people preferred,” says Philip Winter, CEO of Nebia. “It couldn’t just be a water-saving shower—it had to be something more than that.”

Source: This Startup Is Reimagining Shower Design, So People Actually Want To Save Water | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

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