Red Dot Goodness, Part 3: Germophobic, Minimalist Sink Faucet/Lever and a Partially Inflatable Bathtub – Core77

I actually think it’s good to eat with dirty hands once in a while, to keep your immune system up to snuff. I have two friends who were raised in germophobic households, fastidiously kept indoors away from dirt and ordered from childhood to frequently wash their hands, and I’ve noticed they get sick the easiest and most often.

Nevertheless, I’ve heard many a germophobe say things like “After using the toilet, when you turn the sink on, you put germs on the handles. Then you wash your hands, and turn the water off, and get the original germs on your hands again.” It is for those people that designers Wu Chi-Hua and Wang Li-Hsin, Red Dot Award winners in the Bathroom category, have designed the Easy Clean faucet.

Red Dot Goodness, Part 3: Germophobic, Minimalist Sink Faucet/Lever and a Partially Inflatable Bathtub – Core77.

Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could: Wharf PUD Presentation Recap

This evening’s monthly SWNA meeting was a presentation of the Stage Two PUD for phase I of development at the Southwest Waterfront called The Wharf by the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront team. The presentation was held in the Kreeger Theater at Arena Stage. At the presentation, the developers and master planner gave a description of what is planned for parcels 2, 3, 4, 11, and public places including District Pier, Transit Pier, Waterfront Park, and 7th Street Park. The Stage Two PUD application was submitted to the Zoning Commission on February 3rd. A description of what’s planned for the parcels can be found here. via Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could: Wharf PUD Presentation Recap.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Reaction on the Streets of New York [VIDEO]
In the dreamworld of a Super Bowl commercial, the Samsung Galaxy Note isn’t just a hot new phone — it’s pure gadget ambrosia, inspiring legions of everyday people to abandon their iPhones for the Note’s extra-large screen, speedy 4G LTE connection and “awesome” stylus.

It’s fantasy, of course, but does it even have a kernel of truth? We checked out the Galaxy Note earlier this week, yet somehow we weren’t moved to scream from the rooftops how it changed our lives. But that could be just us. We decided to take to the streets of Manhattan to give the Samsung Galaxy Note a chance to recreate its Super Bowl glory.

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Unreal Underground: the World’s 10 Coolest Subway Systems

In urban life, the subway is synonymous with the spirit of the city. It frees the city dweller from the automobile, it moves from point to point with speed while capturing the curiosity of its passenger. From Moscow to Montreal, Paris to Pyongyang, these 10 transit systems house truly stunning subway stations across all aspects of design. So grab your transit card and head underground– get ready to explore the 10 coolest subway systems in the modern world.

The Washington Metro

We contend that the Washington Metro is the most iconic and visually progressive subway system in the United States. First built in 1976, this 100-mile network of tunnels includes 28 stations, most of which are the work of architect Harry Weese. These massive, concrete caverns feature an egg carton texture that stretches from one side to the other in a split cylinder design. The walls are out of reach, there are no thick pillars breaking up the view and the whole expanse is awash in indirect light. These features are as much as aspect of design as they are safety, as the Washington Metro subway stations provide few if any dark crannies in which crime can hide. First time riders will also be amazed at the sheer depth of these Metro stations. Some stations reach down 200 feet below the surface, providing for one heck of a long, slow ride into the caverns below. [images ©]

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Little-Known Black History Fact: Norma Sklarek

Norma Sklarek was the first black woman to become a licensed architect in the United States. She is also the first African-American woman to be appointed fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the first to own her own architectural firm, Siegel, Sklarek and Diamond. Her award-winning work includes the American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

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Richmond Olympic Oval / Cannon Design | ArchDaily

The 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics taking place in Vancouver, Canada open today and we’d like to introduce you one of the most important venues designed for the event.

The Richmond Olympic Oval designed by Cannon Design, is located on a 32 acres of city-owned land along the banks of the Fraser River. Olympics have been a big opportunity for cities, and the facilities built for the event have the challenge to start a new development, as it has been in this case. The Oval will be the centrepiece of a major new urban waterfront neighbourhood featuring a mix of residential, commercial, and public amenity development. The new Oval neighbourhood will be a destination and meeting place offering diverse indoor and outdoor recreational activities, shopping, and services.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting in Low Light

As photographers, we’re always being told that light is the most important element of our work, that the shots we produce are dependent upon the light available and the artificial light that we bring to a situation. Whether we’re tired of hearing it or not, it’s true.

However, photographers are often posed with tricky situations in which the lighting is less than adequate and doesn’t match with their intentions. This tutorial will hopefully offer you some creative ideas for dealing with low light scenarios and making the most of the light that you have to work with.

A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting in Low Light