Hill East Plans Scaled Back

We got all excited a few years ago when the District announced plans to completely redevelop the Hill East area into a cohesive new mixed use neighborhood, but since then with the contracting development market unfortunately not much has happened. As a result, the District is scaling back the plans and now plans to issue a new smaller solicitation for a much smaller section of the 62 acres site nearest to the Armory and Stadium.

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Inspired By. . . Patrick Dougherty on Vimeo


This is a very fascinating urban art installation concept! Very interesting designs by Patrick Dougherty!


Combining his carpentry skills with his love of nature, Patrick Dougherty utilizes primitive techniques of building to experiment with tree saplings as construction material. Since beginning in 1980, Patrick has left his mark with over two hundred massive sculptures all over the world.Check out more of Patrick’s work here: stickwork.net

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20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases | Design Milk

We’re constantly running across photos of truly jaw dropping staircases. So much of the time, stairs look as if they were ignored until the last minute of the design process, but not in these cases. Check out some of our favorite staircasess that we’ve come across:Let’s start out with a staircase we’ve talked about before: Ribbon Stairs. Designed by HŠH Architects to mimic a delicate rippling ribbon, these stairs are beautiful but maybe a little scary to run up and down when you’re in a hurry.

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Douglas Development Proposing Massive Spec Office Building for New York Avenue – Housing Complex

It’s easy to get frustrated with Douglas Development. They sit on vacant properties for years, and occasionally get behind on their taxes (hey, who doesn’t).

But sometimes, after assembling properties one by one until all the pieces fit together, they do something really great.

It’s already happened with the Acme Stove building at the corner of 7th and New York Avenue, which wasn’t looking too good until LivingSocial signed a lease—seemingly overnight, the structure was immaculately restored in cheery french blue. And last night, Douglas unveiled plans for a massive complex to occupy the rest of the block: An undulating tower set back from the historic buildings below that would draw downtown’s center of gravity even further east.

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WaPo: High-rises replace parking lots in Mount Vernon Triangle | The Triangle

Props go out to the Triangle Blog for helping get the word out about the growth of the Mount Vernon Triangle community.

Lori Aratani of the Washingtonpost published an article yesterday about the ongoing transformation of our Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood. The piece includes a hat tip to the Triangle blog and quotes from developers, residents and local office workers.Planters outside Busboys patio painted to spell IMAGINEAmong the quotes, City Vista resident Sam Shipley states that the neighborhood was a bit like the ‘Wild West’ when he moved here in 2009. Most would agree the neighborhood was already on the upswing by then. The Fun Fair Video fiasco was already resolved by the time I moved to the neighborhood in early 2008. However that first year did include incidents such as Ace Hardware’s windows being vandalized with gunfire and a half dozen or more prostitutes squatting in the sunken patio of the old CAAB building.

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The Ideas | Trust For The National Mall



Wonderful National Competition that could change the way we visit the National Mall! Check out the proposed designs!


Stretching from the foot of the U.S. Capitol past the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and over to the Jefferson Memorial, the National Mall celebrates our nations rich history and reflects who we are as a society to America and the world.

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Ravishing Romanian Interior by Square One

This polished apartment interior in Bucharest, Romania, designed by Square One, is kitted out with rich toned bespoke furniture and pure white walls and floors, resulting in strong lines of cutting contrast.

On the perimeter of the open plan living room, a bulkhead is cleverly disguised by wood cladding that tones in with the furniture, and is flanked by components of an entertainment unit to complete the illusion of uninterrupted space. An L shaped sofa hugs the room and subtly sections off a reading and games area with a low level barrier to allow the nook to remain part of the free flowing environment.

Ravishing Romanian Interior by Square One.

John Chase, one of UT’s first black students, dies – Hampton Univ. Grad

John S. Chase — a prolific modern architect, the first African-American to enroll at the University of Texas, and a force to be reckoned with in local politics — died Thursday night after a long illness. He was 87.

“He was the first licensed black architect in Texas,” said his son-in-law, former Channel 2 anchorman Jerome Gray. “The first black president of the UT alumni group, the Texas Exes. The first black to serve on theU.S. Commission on Fine Arts, which during his watch picked Maya Lin to do the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He was the first of so many things. He blazed so many trails.”

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John Chase, one of UT’s first black students, dies – Houston Chronicle.