21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture

Do you have some pallets or pieces of them that you don’t need anymore? Don’t just throw them away. There are lots of ways you can use them and turn them unto something original, original and very useful. Here are some examples that might help you. Feel free to improvise and don’t forget to use your imagination.

Tables and desks

1. Recycled wood dining table

Here’s an example of how you can create a nice table using four pallets. The table can be adjusted to the size pf the pieces you’re using and its design can change as you go along with the project. It’s great for both indoors and outdoor use and it has a simple and rustic look. Finish it with oil, wax, or a polyurethane/deck sealer to add resistance and you’re done.Download the PDF instructions.{found on readymade}

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Good public space can make good retail

Interesting post by a fine young writer, Dan Reed. He discusses the problems of TOD outer perimeter centers that should evolve into an exciting and vibrant urban environment and experience, but in my opinion, has not made the real transition of mixed residential and commercial centers without the car being the real dividing force in making urbanity exciting in these areas! Check out Dan’s view on this issue!

Take a walk around downtown Silver Spring and you’ll notice a lot of empty shops and empty parks. As it turns out, the two are related.

Empty stores line the pocket park at the Veridian Apartments. Photos by the author.

Just look at The Crescent condominium on Wayne Avenue, which has seen a rotating cast of retail tenants since it opened in 2006. Or the newly-completed United Therapeutics headquarters, which has several empty retail spaces at the intersection of Cameron and Spring Streets.

Around the corner, developers of an apartment building called The Cameron placed tables and chairs in front of their ground-floor retail space in anticipation of a restaurant, but they got an outpatient surgery center instead.

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