Samsung Galaxy Camera Is a Game Changer [REVIEW]

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an incredible device. Samsung‘s daring attempt to combine Android with serious compact camera has created what could be the gadget of the year. Like great fusion cuisine, it takes advantage of the strengths of its two components to overcome their weaknesses. The result: delicious progress.

Nikon debuted the first Android-powered camera, the CoolPix S800c, earlier this fall, but that product had issues. While the idea of running Android apps such as Instagram on a point-and-shoot was intriguing, Nikon’s implementation used a primitive version of Android (version 2.3 “Gingerbread”), which resulted in a buggy, shoehorned experience. Plus it only connected via Wi-Fi, so users couldn’t share pictures while on the go.

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The Hill Center is hosting a group exhibition featuring the following artists:

Geoff Ault

Tory Cowles

Tsolmon Damba

Warren Frederick

Nancy Freeman

Michele Hoben

Alice Jackson

Gordon Ritchie

Dilip Sheth


Gallery Talk at 7:15 p.m. by Chris With, National Gallery of Art former coordinator of art information.

Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday 10am to 7pm

Saturday- 10am to 5pm

Sunday- Noon to 5pm

The Hill Center is located at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

Visit the Hill Center online at

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Since 2008, a winning ticket in Washington – The Washington Post

It’s fair to ask questions about what the past four years have meant for smart growth, gentrification and the evolving populace’s understanding of the city’s history, but to borrow a line from a typical stump speech: Are we more entertained than we were four years ago? More discerning with our palates? More mobile? More cultured? Our unscientific survey of notable additions to the cultural landscape says the answer is an unequivocal yes. My fellow Washingtonians, here are the city’s 10 most significant arrivals and openings since Election Day 2008

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Spingarn streetcar barn design is fine, but not exemplary

Last night, DDOT released renderings of its design for the proposed Spingarn streetcar barn. The proposal is a passable building, but the design is likely to disappoint residents whod been expecting great architecture.Streetcar barn design. Image from DDOT.DDOT originally wanted to locate the maintenance facility for its H Street streetcar under the Hopscotch Bridge, near Union Station. That proved impossible, so DDOT switched its plans to the most practical alternate site: the Spingarn High School campus.Though the design lacks the ornament and detail of DCs historic streetcar barns, it is typical of contemporary institutional architecture, which is a step up from the bare bones necessary for industrial buildings.

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