The Lip Bar invades Howard University’s Campus

The young ladies of have taken the Beauty and Cosmetic industry by storm lately. Three young ladies are promoting the latest in all natural beauty cosmetics with the lipstick line The Lip Bar. This was my first encounter with the young ladies, Melissa Butler, Alena McCord-Estes and Rosco Spears promoting and selling the line of lipsticks. I was extremely impressed by their professionalism and quality product. The Marketing campaign and social media is very attractive and represents the product very well. Visit their exciting website and check out the Bar Menu. I guarantee you will be impressed! I definitely was.

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Nike introduces a new style of uniform to the NFL

One of my childehood and teenage design secrets was a strong desire to design uniforms for imaginary team, as well as, teams I played for in elementary school and high school. Because it bordered on the line of “fashion designer” I never really shared this interest with friends but my family saw drawings laying around my room of various uniform designs during the 70’s! It definitely wasn’t the creativeness of the Nike designers, but I’m sure I would have been on the cutting edge of many of the recent college and pro teams of this decade! Wish I could find some of those old sketches for memory sake.

Take a look at the new NFL uniforms coming out this year for the Dolphins and the Vikings!

Miami Dolphins 2013 Uniforms

Minnesota Vikings 2013 Uniforms

North Capitol Firehouse Update – Washington Firehouse Restaurant Coming this Summer!?!?

When hunting and fishing were recently banned at the North Capitol Firehouse, I knew we were in for some good news… Thanks to all who sent emails about the new facebook page for the Washington Firehouse Restaurant:

“A new restaurant anticipated opening in 2013, The Washington Firehouse, Old Engine Company 12 still serves the neighborhood today, but in a slightly different capacity, with its American Classic menu.”

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How Corporate Logos Evolve

How Corporate Logos Evolve - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics

How Corporate Logos Evolve, from The Logo Company, shows us how even iconic world-wide recognized company logos change over time.We often get asked for a logo design that can stand the test of time. Something that will last forever. I mean, we look at all these “Mega Corporates” and their logos never change. Do they? Well, actually and surprisingly, they do….a lot.This illustration depicts some of the biggest global brands and highlights the evolution of their logos from humble beginnings to the present day. It might strike you how some of the designs started out looking like their biggest rivals and others appear to of hardly changed at all. Timeless is certainly not the overriding characteristic of most of these early creations.

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Architecture with capital letter A – YouTube

I struggled watching this brief video of famous architects because they generally seemed unfulfilled and drained of any happiness from their successes! Some were exuberant  but others were being interviewed during their twilight years, hence the pause in reflecting on what they went through over time. Maybe that is why it appears somewhat unenthusiastic.

Architecture with capital letter A is a short movie, featuring Architects who might have shaped the concept of Architecture itself in the last decade. The movie combines excerpts of their interviews, speeches or documentaries over the last 70 years. This accumulation of scenes expresses somehow the condition of Architecture today – its moments of Glory and Misery.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Time to Tweet

This new research from diagrams when tweets with links get the most traffic/clicks (Times are EST). The darker the color, the more traffic on average links posted during that hour received:

INTERPRETATION: Posts between 1-3pm Monday-Thursday get the high click counts. So stick to afternoons earlier in the week to get the most traffic from your links.

However, Twitter is actually busier a little before these times, so posting earlier might get you more retweets, favs or visibility. This next chart works the same way, except that the darker the color of the square, the higher the total number of clicks on Bitly links coming from Twitter were overall:

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11th Street Bridge Design Presentation by VA Tech Students

Bal House / Terry & Terry Architecture | ArchDaily

This is a very unique and interesting addition that is very clean and distinguished  The accessibility design is a plus and definitely the type of design option that may become more popular rather than selling inaccessible homes and moving into retirement villages.

This project was designed for a retiring couple, and necessitated the need for accessible space. The project ties the new addition in the rear garden area to an existing mid century ranch house by way of a transparent hallway that provides accessibility to the existing structure and allows the garden to extend into the core of the house.

via Bal House / Terry & Terry Architecture | ArchDaily.

Shipping Containers for Community: KontenerART – Design Milk

Can a community in DC discover the power of creating temporary placemaking with the use of containers, in a creative and useful way, of course?

We’ve seen shipping containers being repurposed into offices and now here’s another really interesting use for them: temporary spaces. mode:lina created KontenerART 2012 as a temporary epicenter for activities, like workshops, concerts, and exhibitions.Located in Poznań, Poland, the commune is situated by the Warta River and it’s a place “where hammock lovers meet artists.” Given the fact that the place is for seasonal use when the weather is prime, the furniture used was wooden palettes, hammocks, and beach chairs.

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