Architecture with capital letter A – YouTube

I struggled watching this brief video of famous architects because they generally seemed unfulfilled and drained of any happiness from their successes! Some were exuberant  but others were being interviewed during their twilight years, hence the pause in reflecting on what they went through over time. Maybe that is why it appears somewhat unenthusiastic.

Architecture with capital letter A is a short movie, featuring Architects who might have shaped the concept of Architecture itself in the last decade. The movie combines excerpts of their interviews, speeches or documentaries over the last 70 years. This accumulation of scenes expresses somehow the condition of Architecture today – its moments of Glory and Misery.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Time to Tweet

This new research from diagrams when tweets with links get the most traffic/clicks (Times are EST). The darker the color, the more traffic on average links posted during that hour received:

INTERPRETATION: Posts between 1-3pm Monday-Thursday get the high click counts. So stick to afternoons earlier in the week to get the most traffic from your links.

However, Twitter is actually busier a little before these times, so posting earlier might get you more retweets, favs or visibility. This next chart works the same way, except that the darker the color of the square, the higher the total number of clicks on Bitly links coming from Twitter were overall:

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11th Street Bridge Design Presentation by VA Tech Students