See Every Ray Harryhausen Creature in One Video

I grew up on the very first special effects that Ray created and it was some of the most awesome animation your imagination could phantom! The images are branded in my mind and will live on forever! Thanks Ray, you were the greatest!

Before CGI invaded the movies, there was stop-motion animation. And the king of stop-motion was Ray Harryhausen, who died Tuesday in London, aged 93.

Harryhausen is best known for his work on a slew of amazing animated fantasy movies. If you’ve seen any of the Sinbad films of the 1950s, or Jason and the Argonauts, or One Million Years B.C., or the original (and by far the best) Clash of the Titans, you know his work. You’ve thrilled to his dinosaurs, his gorgons or his terrifying sword-wielding skeletons.

The Harryhausen technique was known as Dynamation. You can see how well it worked in this tremendous compilation, courtesy of YouTube veteran Mat Bergman, featuring every one of Harryhausen’s creatures in chronological order:

via See Every Ray Harryhausen Creature in One Video.