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Gallery: architecture students build ‘skyscraper for bees’ (Wired UK)

A group of architecture students have built a silver tower for honey bees in Buffalo, New York, called Elevator B.

Think of it as a skyscraper for bees — its 6.7 metres scaled up to human proportions would make the equivalent of a tower more than 1.3km high. It’s a new home for a colony of bees found living in an abandoned office building in Silo City, a run-down industrial area filled with old grain elevators.

Elevator B’s design, speckled with triangular perforations to let in light, is meant to mimic the look of honeycomb. The bees will live inside a perspex and wood box suspended from the top of the structure so that people can, if they want, walk inside and look up to see the bees building their hive in the same way an ant farm works. Beekeepers will be able to lower the box if they want to harvest the sweet, sweet honey, too.

via Gallery: architecture students build ‘skyscraper for bees’ (Wired UK).