Stunning Luxury Home with Cooling Features


This home is stunning and appears to be extremely relaxing and comfortable! South Africa, huh? Wow!

What once was an outdated brick home in Limpopo, South Africa, now is a visually stunning masterpiece by none other than Nico van der Meulen Architects. Known for their massive, unforgettable designs, House Abo fits alongside perfectly with its large expanses of glass, an unforgettable pool, and double height living spaces.

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Chain Link Fencing As Art by Soo Sunny Park

This is absolutely amazing and beautiful! What a wonderful use of chain link fencing to create art! Great design idea!

American artist Soo Sunny Park took over Rice Gallery, part of Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a glistening, labor intensive, abstract installation called Unwoven Light. The suspended piece is made up of 37 individual units composed of chain link fencing that is arranged into a sculptural form that’s all about light.

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