5 Architectural Trends to Expect in 2018: Eco-friendliness, Sustainability, and More – Arch2O.com

`Indeed, architectural trends can lead architects to focus more on the future and understand the needs of society. This means that architects are practically foretellers as they can predict what cities and communities would be like in years from now and try to act upon that knowledge during design.

We receive 2018 with much hope that the world would be a better place for all of us and the upcoming generations as well. 2017 has presented us with revolutionary aspects of architecture that if we embrace, we could guarantee a better tomorrow. Stay with us now to know more about the new architectural trends that will be popular in 2018:

1) Blending private with public

To face crowdedness in the city, people need more innovative solutions for the organization of spaces. In the past, there were strict boundaries between houses, public spaces, and industrial areas. Well, things will change this year, dissolving these rigid boundaries and forming flexible areas that can house multiple purposes. This will minimize the need for transportation, save a LOT of time, and increase productivity.

The prominent Dutch architect and founder of OMA, Rem Koolhaas resents the current situation involving city planning. At a conference in 2016, he said: “The architecture profession thought not so long ago that it knew how to design cities and that its obligation was to design cities and to teach how to design cities.“

“At the same time, we are surrounded by cities that you would call unpleasant,” the architect added. “Nobody can design cities anymore, or rather the cities that people know how to design are completely different from the cities that architecture considers legitimate and organized,” he continued.

“So, whether we want to or not, we are basically confronted with a phenomenal amount of evidence of the redundancy and even the absurdity of our profession. It’s a really deeply tragic situation.“

2) Live outside your house!

Like we said before, boundaries will dissolve, but this time in your own house. In the past, outdoor areas comprised decks, balconies, and patios. However, now, you can install a whole kitchen or even have an outdoor living room in your garden if you wish to.

Fireplaces in your backyard and fire pits will be very popular too. The furniture of the outdoor living areas will be fashionable, exactly like indoor furniture, not to mention the vivid cushions, rugs, and ottomans.

With regard to lighting, photovoltaic cells will be in vogue to light up gardens and backyards. They will be dangling from tree branches, resting on tables, or anchored to the ground.

Source: 5 Architectural Trends to Expect in 2018: Eco-friendliness, Sustainability, and More – Arch2O.com

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