The Latest on Walter Reed’s Redevelopment

Last night, Martine Combal from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning gave ANC 4B and interested residents an update on the plans for the massive Walter Reed redevelopment project, to be located on Georgia Avenue between Aspen Street and Fern Street NW map.A quick primer on what is in the works. The expansive plans on the boards feature 3.1 million square feet of development, including 90 townhomes, 1,864 multifamily units and more than 100 homes for homeless veterans. Retail is also planned, including perhaps a Wegman’s, and the site will have two bilingual charter schools one Spanish-English, one Chinese-English and a Howard University ambulatory care center. The new development would also have a number of energy-efficient elements: green roofs, solar panels, cisterns, and a goal of being net-zero by 2030. There could also be some park-like areas and planners are considering building a streetcar to connect the development to a nearby Metro station.

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Brookland’s Menomalé Opens with Neapolitan-Style Pizza and Craft Beer – Young & Hungry

Now we talking Pizza in the Neighborhood! Another added attraction to Brookland! Yeah! BTW…an Estes is one of the owners, no relation, but it won’t hurt to walk in and say, Cuuuuzzzzz!

It’s the biggest pizza oven on the East Coast, or at least that is Menomalé’s claim. Weighing in at just over 5,500 pounds, the new Brookland eatery’s custom-built oven from Naples, Italy, is made from a salt-based stone used for the texture and flavor it adds to the crust. The torcher burns wood, not gas, and cooks pizzas at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in about 60 seconds (which one-ups Pizzeria Orso’s similar setup in Falls Church by about 200 degrees and 30 seconds).

Eager Brookland residents, and anyone else who is curious, have the chance to see (and taste) the oven in action starting tonight. (original post was on May 3, 2012)

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Apple Rumor Patrol: The Next iPhone Is Coming Soon–And It’s Skinnier Than Don Draper’s Tie [Updated] | Fast Company

This is the inside information I’ve been waiting for! But an October release? Really?

The Next iPhone: A New Look

Leaked information about the next iPhone has reached the web from a source considered reliable–because he correctly predicted many of the subtle changes of the iPad 3 having held one just before its launch. The chap in question is Jeremy Horowitz, editor of He says the new phone will indeed be a radical overhaul in design, sporting a taller chassis and being skinnier in depth with an overall size of 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm–a centimeter longer and 2mm thinner than the current one, which is about a 20% drop. It’ll have Gorilla Glass 2 to protect its larger 4-inch screen that’ll have a new aspect ratio. It’ll have a flat metal back plate, and Apple will abandon the legacy iPod dock connector for a new smaller rounded port.

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allan ospina: idostand

allan ospina: idostand.

industrial designer allan ospina has developed ‘idostand’ a versatile iPhone case that can stand on a portrait or cinema position at a perfect angle.
it features two seamless arms allowing users to do facetime, watch videos or simply have it on a position where you can easily see who’s calling.
the unique product requires no extra parts and features a hinged closure system to make it easy for transportation.
despite its slim casing the piece does protect the glass and edges from falls on flat surfaces while exposing the beauty of the phone. 

DC Metrocentric » Renderings: St. Elizabeths East

Ever since work got underway to transform the old St Elizabeths campus in SE into a new modern Federal campus, people have been speculating on how the surrounding area, specifically that around the Congress Heights Metro station was going to end up looking, and now the District has released some nice shiny renderings to give us a good idea of what to expect.

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Identify and Avoid Signs of Burnout with This Infographic

Identify and Avoid Signs of Burnout with This Infographic.

National Mall Design Competition, Union Square | Davis Brody Bond

National Mall Design Competition, Union Square

Washington, DC

Davis Brody Bond, alongside Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN), has been chosen as winner of the National Mall Competition for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Union Square site at on the National Mall. The GGN/DBB design responds to the goals and objectives that are part of an overall vision of the National Mall Plan, supported and enhanced by similar aspirations of the Architect of the Capitol. This proposed design creates a major civic square which addresses the underlying history of the site, a public space which frames and preserves the iconic view of the US Capitol. The use of water on the site is re-imagined as a feature that is at once formal and monumental, but also inviting and engaging at a human scale. Designed as a flat and shallow pool, discrete sections can be quickly drained to create paved plazas for major events, but on most days the pool offers a transitory and luminous surface that reflects the sky, trees and major monuments of the city.

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