Inspired By. . . Patrick Dougherty on Vimeo


This is a very fascinating urban art installation concept! Very interesting designs by Patrick Dougherty!


Combining his carpentry skills with his love of nature, Patrick Dougherty utilizes primitive techniques of building to experiment with tree saplings as construction material. Since beginning in 1980, Patrick has left his mark with over two hundred massive sculptures all over the world.Check out more of Patrick’s work here:

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Cool Infographics – Blog – Seven Motorcycle Safety Tips

I have a unique interest in this infographic, but for right now it is a secret!


The Seven Motorcycle Safety Tips infographic comes to us from Bisnar|Chase. This infographic gives some helpful tips on saftey to prevent injuries, but if you do have an accident, they’d like to help!

Motorcycle safety is no joking matter. Please take your safety seriously. If you do become injured in a motorcycle accident we would like to help. Contact us immediately to schedule your free consultation with our reputable California motorcycle accident lawyers.

A couple things I really like about this design.

It tells a simple, easy-to-understand story

Clean design, not too much visual noise

Good illustrations to illustrate each safety tip and statistic

Each of the values included are visualized to make them quick and easily to read

The data source is listed in the infographic, but it’s missing a copyright statement and a URL to the original infographic posting at the bottom.  The page with the original posting is also missing sharing buttons for social media, so it’s difficult for readers to share the infographic.

Thanks to Chris for sending in the link!

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Advertising Misinformation: How to Fake a Business District | Design + Ideas on WU

When a city’s economy begins to fail, those in charge have some choices to make. Should they pump money into local businesses? Should they let the public see just how bad it’s getting? One town in England is taking a novel approach to the scores of closed-up shops on its main street: they’re putting up fake business fronts to make the shopping areas seem less deserted.

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