Coca Cola’s Olympic Beatbox is a Building with a Beat : TreeHugger

Much has been written about Coca Cola’s Beatbox at the Olympic Park. It has gotten kudos from the design crowd, the architects and the cool police.

It is gorgeous to look at. Architects Pernilla and Asif have created a bright red attractive structure. It is one of a series of interactive, participatory pavilions allotted to sponsors and it really stands out from that crowd.

It is a building with a beat, created from the sporting sounds of athletes.

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Infographic: Iconic Olympic Buildings | ArchDaily

The London 2012 Olympics start today, and once again architecture is on the spotlight. With a big focus on reusable and adaptable structures, the lineup includes renowned architecture firms such as Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Hopkins Architects, Populous and Zaha Hadid Architects.

On this infographic we introduce you the iconic buildings of the Olympics since 776 B.C. until today! Follow our London 2012 Olympics coverage in its dedicated page.

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Infographic: Iconic Olympic Buildings | ArchDaily

London 2012 Olympic cauldron by Thomas Heatherwick

The recently unveiled Cauldron at the Summer Olympics is a wonderful and beautiful tribute to the Olympics. But oddly enough, cannot be viewed by most of the public that will visit the Olympic Park. I’m not sure why this design decision was made but it is very unfortunate. I personally believe it is one of the most beautiful Cauldron designs ever.

Dezeen Wire: here are the first images of the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron designed by Thomas Heatherwick, unveiled at the opening ceremony of the games tonight.

The cauldron consists of 204 copper petals, each representing one of the competing nations. They were brought into the stadium by each team as part of the athletes’ procession then attached to long pipes in a ring at the centre of the arena.

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Edmund Sumner photographs London 2012 Olympic architecture

I am following much of the Summer Games in London but I am mostly impressed with some of the exciting and beautiful architecture that has been created to house the many sporting events and the Olympic Village housing the athletes.

Check out how architecture has set the tone for the drama and beauty that backdrops the human spirit and athleticism of this years Summer Games in London.

Ahead of the London 2012 Olympics opening on Friday, here’s a slideshow of images from photographer Edmund Sumner documenting architecture created for the games.

Sumner captured buildings including the Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid and Velodrome by Hopkins Architects plus infrastructure and the athletes’ village for two books published by Wiley: The Architecture of London 2012 by Tom Dyckhoff and Claire Barrett, and London 2012 Sustainable Design by Hattie Hartman.

See all our stories about Sumner’s photographs here.

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