MN Vikings stadium design: Big, bold, glassy

MN Vikings stadium design: Big, bold, glassy |

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Great looking design!

One of the latest attempts to incorporate a contemporary and modern design that will not resemble the stadiums of old. I like the design approach and the openness of the grand sloped roof! This will be one I will have to see for myself!

The nearly billion-dollar Viking stadium that will rise from the ruins of the old Metrodome will be big, bold and put fans closer to the action than any other venue in professional football.

It’ll have giant pivoting glass doors that open to the downtown Minneapolis skyline and a roof that, while not retractable, will let in so much sunlight come game days, fans will feel as though they’re sitting outdoors.

Seven stadium decks will surround a field of artificial turf and two giant high-tech scoreboards at each end zone will replay the big plays and flash the game stats.

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Falcons, GWCCA hire architect for $35 million

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Presentation of Stadium Concepts by 360 Architecture

A Kansas City-based architecture firm will be paid up to $35 million to design Atlanta’s new retractable-roof stadium.The contract with 360 Architecture, negotiated by the Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, was approved unanimously Tuesday by the GWCCA board and signed immediately after the vote.It calls for the firm, which has designed sports facilities around the world, to be paid a fixed fee of $32.5 million, plus up to $2.5 million for expenses. That is similar to a reported $34 million fee a different architecture firm negotiated last year to design a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

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Nike introduces a new style of uniform to the NFL

One of my childehood and teenage design secrets was a strong desire to design uniforms for imaginary team, as well as, teams I played for in elementary school and high school. Because it bordered on the line of “fashion designer” I never really shared this interest with friends but my family saw drawings laying around my room of various uniform designs during the 70’s! It definitely wasn’t the creativeness of the Nike designers, but I’m sure I would have been on the cutting edge of many of the recent college and pro teams of this decade! Wish I could find some of those old sketches for memory sake.

Take a look at the new NFL uniforms coming out this year for the Dolphins and the Vikings!

Miami Dolphins 2013 Uniforms

Minnesota Vikings 2013 Uniforms